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Baby Bridge Shop

Baby Bridge connects families of new babies with their loved ones to provide support. We believe that every family deserves a village. Our store helps to both fund that dream of providing a no-cost support system as well as a platform for women-owned artisans to share their luxury items with moms everywhere!

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The Moment in a Box

We are so excited and proud of this box. Our basic box includes the Madam J body & foot cream, Little Flower Field candle & bath salts, With Simplicity lip balm, moms creed, and a succulent. The premium box includes all that plus Island of Small Things necklace, Teluna sticker, and With Simplicity Face mask!

Madam J Body & Foot Cream

Jessica is a VA-based Black small business owner who makes this incredible cream to nourish a mother's skin. Connect with her @madamjbeauty

The Little Flower Field Do Not Disturb Candle & Bath Salts

Halle is a VA-based small business owner who makes these wonderful soy candles that say just the right thing as well as our bath salts! Connect with her @the_little_flower_field

Teluna Life Cards and Stickers

Diana is based in VA and is the artisan maker for both our greeting cards as well as the premium stickers included in the premium box. Connect with her @teluna

Island of Small Things necklace

This adorable necklace is included in our premium box and is designed and created by the talented Gina Sobel. Connect with her @iostjewelry

With Simplicity Beauty mask & lip balm

With Simplicity is a VA-based small business with delightful beauty supplies. Get their mask in our premium box and lip balm in both boxes. Connect with them @withsimplicity_beauty

Baby Bridge Moms creed

Designed by our founder, Trisha, the moms creed sets our boxes apart and sends a jolt of strength, encouragement, and compassion to moms when they need it most. Connect with her @trishamomstrategist.