3 Gifts to Avoid for a Family Welcoming Home a New Baby

Don’t be the visitor that they don't want to invite back for a second time by bringing the wrong gift…

3 Gifts to Avoid for a Family Welcoming Home a New Baby

New Parent | How to Help / By Trisha Goodall

Don’t be the visitor that they don't want to invite back for a second time by bringing the wrong gift…

I know you have good intentions and I will help steer you in the right direction the next time you're visiting a family to welcome home a new baby. 

(Because we can’t_ not _visit! A new baby is like a breath of fresh air we all want to inhale and hold!)

1). A Meal Kit

Despite what Sunflower Motherhood says, this is a terrible gift for a postpartum/postplacement family unless they just

love cooking!

Quite literally, new parent’s plates are full! The last thing they’ll want to do with a new baby when they’re tired and hungry is to try and focus on following instructions on how to prepare ingredients to make a meal.

They have enough to do already; skip the meal kit and pick up

a couple frozen pizzas, food from their favorite restaurant, or get creative and cook up something they’ll love (so they don’t have to).

For the sake of their mental health, save your money and ditch the meal kit idea. That’s certainly ONE gift to avoid!

2). A Craft Kit

If you know one of the parents really, really wants to craft at this time, go for it. Otherwise, it’s another gift to avoid for a family welcoming home a new baby.A gift that could potentially contain:

Craft paint

Small paint brushes


Glue sticks

Pom Poms

Is bound to just go into the attic or be repurposed for someone else.

Not that there isn’t time for family fun, but families just welcoming home a new baby probably don’t have things involving paint or a glue gun at the top of their list.

(Again, unless you know a parent that’s dying to get their hands on a craft kit, avoid this gift all together!)

3). Babysitting service for a month

Nothing says, “Welcome Home Baby” more than buying them a babysitter for a month.(Joking of course!)

Even if you mean well, if you don’t want things to get

awkward, fast, avoid this gift. Because if they aren't ready to turn their baby

over to a sitter…this gift will go to waste.

Even if they were ready for a sitter, a lot goes into

selecting one that’s the best fit for them and their baby — a decision only the

family should make.

It’s not that a family welcoming home a new baby is not

appreciative of the time and effort that goes toward any gift —

Because they really are…

New parents just don’t want to end up with giant storage

containers full of things that will never see the outside world.

Can you blame them?

The exception here is if YOU are offering to babysit and if

you're coordinating care for older siblings. It's wonderful to have a trusted

loved one care for your little ones in those early days, but it's not great to

put the burden on mom and/or dad to research and pick out a sitter!


Take out the guesswork by checking out the baby bridge app today on how to support a new mom by asking the right questions!P.S. Let’s build that momma up that is sitting with her back

to the door – wishing she wasn’t alone, but fearing her own inadequacy if she

admitted it.